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  • Decathlon Lyon Part-Dieu Pierre
  • Decathlon Campus Jiao
  • Decathlon Campus Charles-Edouard
  • Decathlon City Tanneurs Ingrid
  • Decathlon Paris Sorbonne Steeve
  • Decathlon Lyon Part-Dieu Jimi
  • Decathlon Campus Isabelle
  • Decathlon Campus Marie
  • Decathlon Lyon Part-Dieu Vincent
  • Decathlon Campus Hortense
  • Decathlon Campus Inès
  • Decathlon Paris Sorbonne Vincent
  • Decathlon Lyon Part-Dieu Alizée
  • Decathlon Campus Abou Jamd
  • Decathlon Lyon Part-Dieu Natalia
  • Decathlon City Tanneurs Claire
  • Decathlon Lyon Part-Dieu Nicolas
  • Decathlon Campus Oriane
  • Decathlon City Tanneurs Ekaterina
  • Decathlon Paris Sorbonne Charles

United and Unique

We're often asked the following question by those who look in on us from the outside:
"What and who, exactly, is Decathlon?"

We'll try to keep the answer simple. Decathlon United are now 90,103 employees worldwide.
As we are a team, we call these employees our teammates.

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